Todd (psydude) wrote,

Lumi on popularity

I had it totally wrong back in the day. I hated EVERYTHING that was popular. That was not the right thing to do! Things get popular for a reason...
However, there is a such thing as "riding on popularity". For example, a really good TV show releases a line of T-shirts, which although low quality and high price, end up selling anyway simply because they picture something popular.

Okay, so here's the new rule to follow. Avoid things that have the picture of something popular on them.
As I've learned from experience, things get popular for a reason. Games and music arent popular if they're crap, same with most movies and TV shows. Movies are the exception only because marketing can make up for the one-time viewing factor, whereas TV shows, games, and music are all repeated so their quality has to be high for repeat value to kick in.

Don't hate something just because it's popular. Hate everything else that's riding off of the original item's popularity. Angry... BURRIDOS?! Oh come on. It's a video game. Now it's a burrito chain?!
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