Todd (psydude) wrote,

tmw your ex posts shit you used to do

I mean, mine were pretty short love notes too, but it was one of the behaviors she definitely "did not like" when she was rattling things off.

Oh, but it's someone else, so now it's suddenly okay.  What a hypocrite.

Can you really blame someone for having a double standard?  I mean, you knew you weren't her type.  I just wish she had been more forward about it, or that I wasn't such a fool.  I've been kinda-sorta-single ever since... I've had 2 short relationships that didn't get too involved.  Idk, once you're stuck in the "nothing you do is right" rut, it's hard to get out.  I'm just always second guessing myself when it comes to women, it's not really worth it to even try anymore.  I mean, anyone who's willing to accomodate my insecure idiot ass is long since hooked.  Cest la vie.

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