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Life, love, and loss.

The chronicles of a troubled, depressed teen who turned into a lost adult.

Note on passwords.
The most restrictive site i've seen says:
10+ chars, capital letter, lowercase letter, number or symbol.

The usual case is
6+ chars, letters (not all lowercase)

Other cases:
5-14, letters and numbers
6-12 anything
5+ anything (least restrictive)
6+ not one word (avoids dictionary searches)
more to come...; test to take.

Lumi on popularity
I had it totally wrong back in the day. I hated EVERYTHING that was popular. That was not the right thing to do! Things get popular for a reason...
However, there is a such thing as "riding on popularity". For example, a really good TV show releases a line of T-shirts, which although low quality and high price, end up selling anyway simply because they picture something popular.

Okay, so here's the new rule to follow. Avoid things that have the picture of something popular on them.
As I've learned from experience, things get popular for a reason. Games and music arent popular if they're crap, same with most movies and TV shows. Movies are the exception only because marketing can make up for the one-time viewing factor, whereas TV shows, games, and music are all repeated so their quality has to be high for repeat value to kick in.

Don't hate something just because it's popular. Hate everything else that's riding off of the original item's popularity. Angry... BURRIDOS?! Oh come on. It's a video game. Now it's a burrito chain?!

How to treat your parents in five years.
For now, treat your parents with the utmost respect. Even if for some reason you're drunk on sunday, you have to at the very least respond to your parents call. Not just with an "I'm OK!" either, you can do it man, talking with them isn't that hard. You can hide it in person, you can hide it on the phone. So, just be nice to them, don't ignore them. Come back to see them WHENEVER REQUESTED, for just a day or or two (depending on the break you can get up to 5). It won't be that often. TAKE SUMMER CLASSES lolol.
(rest c/p from facebook private post)

Now's proabalby a good time to stay single.
I know I won't be in houston a year from now. I know I don't want to stay in texas after college. I'm not even sure if I'll stay in the U.S. the whole time...
I'd hate to put anyone through that. Two moves in four years, no no no. If I find someone at college, that's great! They'll likely be able to move on WITH me. Otherwise, it's going to wait for your first move. It would be horrible to surplant someone and demand them to restart their life twice in less than five years.

Long distance? Are you kidding me? Thats quite costly, either financially, emotionally, or both. It can create some wonderful moments when visits do happen, but I want more free time to persue shit down there, I don't want to be tied back to Houston.
The point is to get away.

Get away? What about your parents!
I'll visit them every so often, but to be honest I'm probably going to fly them to where I am. Plus parent visits are like, a day or two for the most part. Maybe up to 4-7 days if they need some help around the house, which might happen. Like four times a year at most is really necessary, otherwise phone calls will work.
Holidays! Christmas, Easter, July 4th, and Thanksgiving.

Sometime in my thirties I'm going to only see my parents around Christmas, and maybe Thanksgiving too. I won't have THAT much vacation time!

By the time I hit my 40's we'll have arranged for a home for them, or we will be going to. I'll be either subletting or selling their property, depending on if anyone I know personally needs a cheap house in houston. Somewhere 38-46 I need to be more than secure because that's when I just know they're going to move on. Thanks to medicine I may be in my 50's before they start waving goodbye, but that'll be too late (even for me!).
That's why the degree will happen, and now.

What I know about sound levels
Just really writing down a thought here, but it's also a good general rule.
Ideally, all your input volumes should be at 90% (windows can be at 100 if you like)
And the master shouldn't go above 75%.

The main reason why is because of some devices over-amplifying after a certain level. I used to have my ipod when used as a line-in set at 75%! But, that is not just the Ipod's fault, it was also because of the loudness wars. Now a days I keep my phone at max-1, but that's because it's awfully quiet, it doesn't over-amplify at all. Yay android.

Peak Business Hours
All businesses experience rushes, and peaks within the rush. Simply because most businesses cater to a very specific market, and that market will generally be more active at a certain time of the day. However since we realize not everyone can do the same thing at the same time, we observe the "rush" spread around a "peak", with the peak representing the ideal time for the transation and the rush is generally a period of time for those that are early/late. Examples are the best way for me to explain this...

Categories, Business-Business and Business-Consumer (also there's Consumer-Consumer but that's much shadier transations, for drugs or bets)

Generally operates 9-5, M-F, with "downtime" between 11 and 2, explained below.
I wish I could give more specifics but I'm not very well educated in this department.
There are exceptions though for businesses that need to run around the clock, like the Transportation industry. UPS has peaks all through out the day, 12pm 6pm 2am 8am were the four rushes I was familiar with.

I've worked in two very interesting Business-Consumer industries. One was the Cable Television market. In Cable, you generally want people to be home and relaxed, so the "rush" happens between 2pm and 8pm with a peak at 6pm, when most people are home before it gets "too late".

Telephone hold lines often get ridiculous during peak hours with an automated message that states an outrageous hold time in hopes to get you to call back during another time. I've called a company that said it would take 30 minutes, then the explanation got cut off by a person who was available immediately.

We're familiar with the restaurant ones, because people generally take their meals spread evenly throughout the day,
Breakfast, 5am-8am with a peak at 6
Lunch, 11am-2pm with a peak between around noon
Dinner, 5pm-9pm with a peak at 6.
If everyone could eat at once then we'd all eat at 6, 12, and 6. But that's never going to happen, so its approximated with more time afterwords (delayed or waited to get hungry) than before (anticipation of hunger or low on time).

Peak hours are desirable for a business, so many businesses design themselves to run around them. Employing more people at peak hours, or running incentives to customers.

Restaurants that typically see low lunch business but high dinner business will offer their meals much cheaper as an incentive, a "Lunch special", sometimes with some incentive for you to bring coworkers too (Lunch for 2! etc)

Bars generally have two solutions, to run "happy hour" all the way until peak (I've seen 3pm-7pm even all the way -9pm at some places), or to only open at peak. Depending on the location either might be desirable (bars near event centers rarely open early except for events).

Hotels have the opposite problem, business spread evenly everywhere from 7am-9pm with a small dead time midday. So you encounter "check out" and "check in" times where you're required to be there on/around/before a certain time. This helps regulate business flow and prevent rushes when understaffed. Understaffed businesses have to cut a corner or don't provide the best service, simply out of necessity, and it looks bad.

Consumer-Consumer transactions are very specific markets, and the only example I have is the drug market, which experiences a rush between 7pm and midnight with the peak around 9-10. Most dealers highly discourage dealing late though, so they'll try to get you to do business earlier, generally by harassing you or being extremely difficult. At 2pm most weed dealers want to chill and smoke a bowl with their customers, but at 8pm-10pm there's too much to do and you gotta get your shit and get out to avoid a commotion. I've had people that will let you come right to their door, but if you wait too long, they'll meet you at a gas station or somewhere even shadier and make you wait 30 minutes, attempting to discourage this behavior in the future.

Google is amazing.
I just asked google the question straight up.
"if something is out of phase wouldn't it fall right through the earth?"

The FIRST link was a link to a forum post about Stargate SG-1 asking the same question, with ridiculous theoretical replies (as expected).

1) Stargate is what made me even think of that, although since I wasn't thinking of Stargate at the time I would have never made the connection and just had people ask me "wtf u talkin about" irl. But Google knew what I was trying to get at....
2) The perfect post, it's titled "Out of Phase...(Technically Speaking)". http://bit.ly/18Nd7Yl
3) Most of the rest of the results aren't relevant. The first two were about Stargate, but the rest were about general astronomy, which never would have gotten me the right answer.

Google almost knows what I'm thinking now, and although it should be creepy, I kind of like it.

I work too hard.
Yeah I hear ya, that's why I'm so adament about actually getting my degree this time around.

A long time ago I saw people living at all income levels and somehow making it by. I'm becoming convinced I'm one of those people who can't settle in life... I'm not satisfied busting my ass for people making 5x what I'm making, then having to hear them bitch me out cuz someone else messed up their order? Not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

But for now, customer service is really useful. Too many engineers have poor customer relation skills, something I'm going to personally fix. I'll probably still deliver pizzas for a while to come, but as far as slinging sandwiches, I'm done. Potbelly makes me work way too hard for the hours/pay they give me. And I have to deliver to all these engineers and executives that do half of what I do and take all day to get it done.

I realize there's some execs/eng's out there that actually work hard and deserve the pay they get, but for the most part they arent the ones getting sandwiches catered. I'm done. Time to turn the tables.

See ya'll in 3 years.

Gun Crime in Texas
Texas has a lower gun crime rate because it's practically assumed that everyone has a gun. That's cultural, it has nothing to do with (current) law, in Texas we're extra friendly because we're afraid of being shot!!! That's akin to ruleing by fear instead of power... I know I'm in the wrong state to be saying this, but I'm beginning to think there's better... and safer.... ways to live. We're one of the few countries with a "second ammendment", and also have the highest gun murder rate.

(posted instead of on facebook; that's the wrong place for this opinion)

I'm learning!
I just go done with the opening scene in Dollhouse S01E03: Stage Fright. It ends with a dancer being lit on fire by a mistimed spark shower. After that shot, the camera pans to the audience. In the audience, everyone acts surprised and shocked, of course. I then yell out,

"One's going to be different than the rest. THAT'S THE GUILTY ONE!!!" I'm alone in my room.

Sure enough, one guy seems kinda smug, not really surprised or shocked or even unhappy; in fact, he is happy. This is a trick I learned from Lie To Me; a series that was really amazing and full of psychological tricks of the trade. The show kind of dulled out in it's third (and last) season because they stopped going into detail. There's only so many facial expressions that you can go in detail about, and they ran out of them it seems.

The point is, I took knowledge from one TV show - something I watch for enjoyment, not to learn, and applied it to another show. It's like when you notice themes in books, a quick reference to other books you may have read that aren't otherwise connected. Only, with references, you often are looking for the connection, because it doesn't make sense otherwise.

I'm sure anyone could have figured out what the shot was about (the guy was too obviously smug) after they saw it, but I knew what that shot was about before it even happened. And from now on, whenever I see that situation, I'll know what to look for. Even in real life. That makes me feel... special =)

I'd like to think I'd be good in a panic situation. I hope I'm right, I'm kind of relying on this fact.... whenever it may come in use.

So, I work selling U-Verse now. What do I think of my own product?
Jun Matsumoto
So, here's the four providers I deal with.
U-Verse (AT&T) <- Whom I represent.

I've done alot of shopping today since my shift got cut short by rain.

The ONE provider I thankfully DON'T deal with are:
Verizon FiOS
Straight up, it's the best. But its availability is very very limited because they have to wire your house specifically, so if they're not close already, you're SOL. They can offer unshared profiles, allowing you 100Mbps of speed per line. You're only limit is your wallet.

Everyone's got their ups and downs. I want to believe my service is the best, but it's a compromise service.
U-verse sends 32Mbps per line to your house. (Houston the max is one. Dallas and SF Bay is two. Other areas may vary)
Each HD stream takes up 6Mbps.
I sell people 6Mbps or 12Mbps of internet.
Worst case:
3 HDTVs, Max Turbo (24Mbps). This is the maximum U-verse supports.
32-18 = 14Mbps left over.
Conclusion: If you bought more than 12Mbps of internet, you'd notice a slowdown. I don't sell the top two options because of this reason.
Save your money, that's my goal.
Average Case:
2 HDTVs, Max Internet.
32-12 = 20Mbps left over. Your internet will show around 11.5ish, and will not vary with time of day like copper-shared networks (ADSL and Cable).
The below list is collected from so much random forum crap that it's not even worth mentioning my sources. Google it if you doubt me.
Provider Average Compression Rate
Uncompressed 3Gbps
Blu-Ray 72Mbps (and up, depending on layers)
OTA 18Mbps
DirecTV 9Mbps
Dish 8Mbps
U-verse 6Mbps
Comcast 3Mbps (I read two reports that said 768 kbps, but that can't be right)
Cox 2Mbps
Entouch 2Mbps
Other providers: 3Mbps average.
Chart conclusion: U-verse is the best lined cable provider. DirecTV, Dish, and yes, even Over The Air broadcasts are higher quality. This will ONLY be noticable in high-motion content; soap operas and sports. But if you're a big sports fanatic, then you have the NFL Sunday Ticket I bet.

DirecTV is the only one with the NFL Sunday Ticket. On top of that, they have the best signal quality.
-So what's THEIR catch? 12 month term with 24 month contract. Average starting price is 65, after promo price over 110, jacked up second year rate adds 50 dollars, so that's 160 if they're mean (they are), excluding premiums. There's no negotiating until you're out of contract.
Comcast is the same as DirecTV. 12 month price guarentee if you promise to pay them whatever the second year. They allow re-negotiations before end of contract, about three months.
Dish has a price guarantee for the last year. Contract terms are 2 years with them. They allow re-negotiations before end of contract.
U-verse has a 6 month price guarantee in selected areas, no contract. In other areas, it's a 12 month price with a 12 month contract. Price guarenteed till you're OOC. However, no negotiating until you're out of contract.

Keep in mind "Out of contract" for all of the above means the day after your contract ends. Or before you pay your next bill.

So, for TV, Who should I pick and why?
Sattelite: It's mobile. Seriously, some people use this for tailgating/RVing
OTA: Something: Can't beat free. Highest quality, but lowest selection (duh).
DirecTV: Quality: the best TV provider by far. Clearest picture, best selection all around. Also the highest price. Price means quality here. Only one with NFL Sunday Ticket.
Dish: Economy: You loose a shitton channels, but you get a much better price than with DTV.
Wired: Immobile. Can't take this with you.
U-verse Quantity: The most channels at the lowest price. Artifacting might be noticable in high-speed 1080p broadcasts on high-end TV's. Complaints pre-2009 don't count, there was a major service upgrade. It did suck back then. It doesn't now.
Comcast On-Demand: The best on demand. Period. And that's it. By FAR the worst picture quality. Artifacting is noticable in SD resolutions. Shared neighborhood means your TV looks bad when your neighbors are watching too. I really can't see how anyone's happy with them.

Okay, but U-verse's main selling point isn't the TV. That's the convincing part, especially if they have DirecTV. Because they're having such a good time they don't want to chance it, and I don't blame them. If money is no issue ever, then get it and have a blast.

Personally, I've had one good and one bad experience with U-verse TV. The good experience was that I got so many channels I NEVER was without something good to watch. You might need to set up parental controls on yourself so you don't watch TV before schools up, I started missing class!!!
The bad experience was because of a faulty wire in my neighborhood. The TV would constantly freeze, delay, and sometimes the DVR would just plain cease to function. That is unacceptable, I agree. And the worst part is that ATT does this in two steps: the initial fat fiber optics; and the bridges to the house and install. The techs you meet at your door are the "end of line" techs. Unfortunately, if your problem is out of that scope (like mine was), they have to contact some other company. The two companies don't work well together, so it'll be six months before we see u-verse again in my second house.

U-verse is second only to FiOS in internet.
JDP&A rank U-verse as best 5 years running, simply because Version has a "SOL" policy (not wired already? you're SOL!).
Comcast and ATT aDSL (most current dsl) is bogged down by the "neighborhood share". Run 2 speed tests tonight, and two in the morning. I guarantee the morning ones will be faster. Fiber is better than copper. Coax was invented in 1880 as a RF transmission medium. There's no way Oliver Heaviside could fathom how much we cram through that wire these days. Just 40 years ago, 512kb was an excessive amount of ram. Now, you need over 4000x that amount just to run basic applications. Bill Gates didn't fathom how far computing would go. No one knew. Fiber Optics was designed yesterday [figuratively], with the future of 2050's speeds and beyond in mind. Since we have a trend, we know how far it can go.

A note on PowerBoost(tm)
Comcast advertises speeds by using a gimmick. For ten seconds, they will comprimise the neighborhood just to let you see one heck of a high download number. It's only for seconds out of the day, but that's enough to trick you. Your normal speed is about 1/3rd to 1/5th of the advertised speed. Personally I think this trick alone is a reason not to sign up with them.

Sure seems like I hate comcast. But I've had personal and second-hand experience with them, hundereds of times. They suck.
ADSL sucks, it always has! Cable internet blows. DirecTV is expensive and good. U-verse is the best value. U-Verse knows it's got the best internet, that's why we have to market the TV so hard, because well, it ISN'T the best, DTV is better. That wheels U-verse in at a close second, leading by price.

If you're happy with Comcast, you need to give me a call to find out what you're missing out on. two eight one, four one five, eighty nine thirty three. Go ahead, name's Todd. Please, only Houston-area locations. I won't even hard-sell you, I just think U-verse is THAT much better than Comcast. And for the price, it's a no brainer! But, that's what I have to think. Just call me instead of the 1-800 crap. You'll get a better deal than online, or at least the same deal, and won't have to sit on hold for 20 minutes.


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